Research and evaluation

for health and the environment


Hi! I’m Steven (he/il) and I am a research and evaluation consultant. I help community, academic, and governmental organizations measure and improve the impact of health and other development programs. To do this, I use results-based management, theory-driven evaluation, qualitative research, surveys, evidence syntheses, and knowledge translation approaches.

I hold a PhD in Public Health from the University of Guelph. My doctoral research explored strategies for integrating climate change and equity into program evaluation, with the aim of ensuring that programs and their evaluations contribute to change in environmentally sustainable and equitable ways. I am committed to high-quality, ethical evaluation, and I hold a Credentialed Evaluator designation from the Canadian Evaluation Society.

I have worked with collaborators to publish high-impact findings in One Health, Global Food Security, Environmental Research Letters, Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, American Journal of Evaluation, Research Evaluation, and more. I am also passionate about making complex ideas more accessible and have written research briefs, policy briefs, and pieces to popular audiences alongside academic journal articles.

If you are looking for research or evaluation support, please get in touch 🙂