I am an applied researcher working at the intersection of health and the environment.

I draw on methods and theories from social and evaluation sciences to contribute knowledge in three main areas:

  • Designing global health, One Health, and agri-food programs
  • Advancing alternative approaches to evaluation
  • Embedding equity and sustainability principles into programs

Understanding factors underpinning effective One Health responses is important for supporting current and future efforts. This research involves designing and implementing One Health interventions and reflecting on learnings.

Recognizing that the world is constantly changing, so too should the tools we use to evaluate and improve programs. An important aspect of my work is enhancing evaluation approaches, which is motivated by my own experiences as a Credentialed Evaluator. I am leading research to contribute to understandings of how evaluation approaches have been used and how they might be done better.

The intensifying climate crisis threatens to reverse progress made by development programs in achieving food security and other health goals. While learnings from evaluation can improve the resilience of such programs, minimal guidance exists on how to account for climate change within evaluation. My CIHR-funded doctoral research contributed insights into how climate action can be integrated within programming.