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Knowledge translation

Pork and poultry safety in traditional markets in Cambodia (2021)

This policy brief provides information to help national and provincial policymakers better manage food safety along the smallholder pig and poultry value chains in Cambodia. It proposes cost-effective, practical interventions based on evidence from a multi-year research in Cambodian traditional markets.

SafePORK briefing note (2020)

This research brief presents a snapshot of the monitoring and evaluation efforts of the SafePORK project (2017-2022). It highlights how Outcome Mapping and Theory of Change are being used to capture SafePORK outcomes, validate change pathways, and inform management decisions.

Farmer-led research guidebook (2018)

Farmer-led research programs support farmers combine their curiosity with scientific rigour to answer their most challenging on-farm questions. Our group of four graduate students from the University of Guelph and one community partner co-produced a synthesis and guidebook for farmer-led research.